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Solutions Consulting

Solutions Consulting

Business development and expansion need optimum solutions to overcome issues, improve sales market, and relate better with existing and upcoming customers. CQInfotech’s Solutions consulting service operates with problem-solving vision and delivers as per the customers’ needs with high-quality solutions deliverance in time.

CQInfotech aims to deliver high quality to global markets in a complete, diverse, and unified environment. With custom services to our client’s satisfaction, we aim to build a sustainable future together.

How do we work?

CQInfotech’s Solutions consulting service follows a three-stage process.

  • Analyzing
  • Process Re-engineering and
  • Solution

Our expert consultants analyze your business process, point key issues, and come up with a perfect solution that adds to your business value. However, our process involves in-depth research into the key issues of your system which helps us to deliver an optimum solution with minimal cost and time.

Our work process in detail:


CQInfotech analyses your work process as below.

  • Study your business process structure.
  • Identification of issues.
  • Optimum solutions to address key issues.
  • Target delivery is improved efficiency and increased productivity.

Process Re-engineering:

Key issues identified within the business process flow are linked with set aims and objectives to be delivered in time. Our systematic process helps organizations build finer process systems and enduring customer relationships.

Smart Solution Providing:

Smart driven solutions to address the core needs of your enterprise. Our solution process analysis is as follows;

  • Build robust systems.
  • Customized planning and implementation to issues in demand.
  • Excellent client service.
  • Great efficiency in service.

CQInfotech Enterprise Solution Products:

Given are a few of our Enterprise Solution Products we provide;

Transec IIoT:

With Transec IIoT, our solution process follows ‘The 4A Initiative’ which means Any Asset, Any Process, Anytime, and Anywhere to fix the issues of unifying the management of a set of devices. The platform design is built with the latest modular structure to meet the client’s challenges. An easy set-up process with no sensor and system replacement.

Falcon WMS:

Our Falcon WMS is an advanced Warehouse Management System Suite which can have seamless visibility of inventory from the time of its entry to exit from the facility.

Benefits with Falcon WMS:

  • With our enhanced Inventory Visibility feature, businesses can trace and track end to end inventory movement across the warehouse.
  • While Improved Manpower Productivity, Order Processing Times, and Traceability leads to Lean Inventory Holding.
  • With System Directed Optimized Pick Sequencing & accuracy better OTIF rates are indicated.
  • Better manpower visibility, warehouse utilization, and shipment info keep the potential costs positive.
  • Auto data capture feature to enhance Inventory visibility & traceability.


A complete solution offering great functionality with included cost calculations, Our Pre-shipment, and Post-shipment process, Inventory Management, Tracking, and Cold storage Management focus on an easy approach to help the business function in a smarter, productive and profitable way.

Functionalities of Inemo:

  • Automated Shipment process.
  • Automatic Bar-coding.
  • Customized Reports and
  • Structured Web Report.


eHREdge is a certified application facilitating cloud concepts(secured data center hosting as per HIPPA Compliance) ensures all the doctor’s needs are met.

Ease of access to the solutions at the convenience of their IPad.

Benefits with eHREdge:

  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Disease Management
  • E-Prescribing
  • Electronic Chart
  • Medications Module
  • Patient Education Module


A Dynamic Digital Attendance Sign-in & Tracking System with real-time Analytics is launched for the first time in India and is very much affordable.

Functionalities of SpotSign:

  • Attendance capturing.
  • Improved manpower productivity, Order Processing Times, and Traceability.
  • Better OTIF rates.
  • Improved Fulfillment Rates.

Crew Watcher:

A web-based rest hour management software that maintains daily work hour records of the seafarers. Seafarer, shipboard management and shore office monitor and ensure compliance with the STCW & ILO Requirements.

Functionalities of Crew Watcher:

  • Demonstrate compliance with rest hour’s regulations of STCW/ILO MLC during port state control and vetting inspections.
  • Minimal time spent by seafarer with present work schedules.
  • Efficient planning tool to enable seafarer to determine if a Nonconformance will exist the following day, basis hid present-day working hours.
  • Synchronized data entries for shore office to monitor records and compliance.
  • With ILO MLC, STCW, Manila Amendments and Oil Pollution ACT 90, better compliance is achieved.