The term ‘global’ today does not only mean geography – it means comprehensive, all-inclusive, and uniform to all users – both internally and to external customers.

With the constantly changing technology and multi-channel landscape, there is now a huge challenge for all companies – big and small – to keep up with technology and continually standardize and improve their workflows and deliver efficiently and consistentuser and customer experiences across all their offices, facilities and remote employees.

At CQI, our GIobal Integrated Solutions (GIS) and Global Delivery Services (GDS)teams are dedicated to solving these challenges, and provide a smooth, cost-effective, and low-risk digital transformation for your business.

CQI’s global, multi-lingual (English, Spanish, Hindi) network of local technicians, engineers, and product vendors work directly with each local location to provide world-class service.

We have helped some of the world’s largest enterprises solve their most complex IT integration and delivery challenges using our Global Services Delivery Model (GSDM), including:

Learn about how our GIS and GDS teams help your business improve speed, agility, and consistency across your entire organization.


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Our industry leading certifications and world class vendors and strategic partners combine to empower CQI to manage small and large client IT needs around the globe. We are proud to have affiliations and partnerships with the following organizations:

CQ Infotech is a professional IT solution company that specializes in end-to-end managed IT, infrastructure and global delivery services to our clients, ranging from small regional companies to Fortune 500 multi-national corporations.